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The Fisher XLS

  • Fisher Homesteader

    Grab a coffee, hop in and turn up the heat. No more struggling in the cold with a heavy snow blower. Now you can clear your driveway the easy way – when you want, and how you want – with the FISHER® Homesteader personal plow.

    Two Poly Blades in 6'8" and 7'4" sizes!

  • Fisher HT Series

     The HT Series™snow plow is a full-size, full-featured snow plow, made just for today’s lighter half-ton pickups. It’s designed for personal and light commercial use.


    It comes in a 7'6" Blade length.

  • Fisher SD Series

    With the FISHER® SD Series snow plow, you can make short work of that storm in no time flat. Just like the pros. A hard poly cutting edge will take it easy on your driveway while you take it hard on the snow!


    Available in 6'9" and 7'6" Blade options!

  • Fisher HD Plow

    The rugged FISHER® HD Series is more popular than any other snow plow in the FISHER line. With 7½’, 8’, 8½’ and 9’ options, there’s a tough HD snowplow ready to meet the demands of even your most punishing commercial applications.


  • Fisher Stainless Steel X Blade

    Your equipment has to live up to the challenge your customers demand. That’s why pros like you choose the XBLADE™. With exclusive X-Bracing and a premium stainless steel moldboard, you simply can’t find a commercial snow plow built tougher than this.


    Available in 8' and 9' Blades!

  • Fisher MC Plow

    The FISHER® MC Series is the biggest, toughest plow we make. Built for municipal and contractor vehicles in the 17k-27k GVW range, the MC Series is just right for 9' plow for narrow streets and intersections and the 10' large parking lots.


    Available in 9' and 10' sizes!


  • The Fisher XV2 Contractor Plow

    The XV2™ delivers outstanding performance while getting you smoothly over hidden obstacles – in all blade configurations – without losing your load.  InstaLock double-acting cylinders hold wings firmly in place for clean back dragging and straight blade operation.


    Available in 7'6", 8'6", and 9'6" Steel and Stainless versions!

  • The Fisher XLS

    Change the way you plow snow, and take your business to the next level of profitability, with the FISHER® XLS™ Expandable Length Snow Plow. With the ability to expand from 8’ to 10’ wide, and then angle the wings to an 8’ 10”. scoop, or the ultimate windrowing configuration, you can be up to 30% more efficient.